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I’m an architect & maker designer, totally curious and multidisciplinary lover. Two years teaching assitant in architecture technology at University of Naples Federico II. Interior & graphics designer from 2009. Home is Napoli (Italy) the harmony of the contraries. Bicycle religious, wannabe biblioholic and passionate for all-scale design. I'm specialized in bicylce design, lightweight timber structures and parametric structural design.
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Camboo House

Bioclimatic & low-tech prototype for contemporary Cambodian sheltering


Project period

January 2013

Project Team

Alessandro Turchi


Design Contest


Building Trust International


Cambodian shelter prototype


Phom Phenn, Cambodia

The Camboo House was originally designed – in collaboration with Alessandro Turchi – for the Cambodian Sustainable Housing, international design competition hosted by Building Trust International with the support of Karuna Cambodia to help the people of Cambodia.

After the competition was submitted we keeped working on this project as Alessandro put on it the basis for his Master Degree Thesis, and I was one of his academic Advisors.


From the competition brief:


The aim of this competition is to design a sustainable house for Cambodia’s future.
The design should have a sensitivity to the tropical surroundings and where possible provide a sustainable solution that enhances the local architectural tradition, in which renewable resources like clay, bamboo and palm leaves are used to provide natural temperature and humidity regulation. Cost per unit should be capped at US$2000 . However, the jury will be looking for projects that attempt to reduce this figure and would expect basic wash, toilet and kitchen facilities to be included as well as material and labour costs.


The design moved from the following factors:

  • Climate and weather
  • Flooding  adaptability to varying site conditions
  • Local environmental factors and contextual issues
  • Affordable and sustainable local material selection
  • Ability to be personalised and further adapted by inhabitants, can the house be customised and extended
  • affordability for Cambodian families

Bioclimatic design

Low-tech construction architectural design

Graphic design

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