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I’m an architect & maker designer, totally curious and multidisciplinary lover. Two years teaching assitant in architecture technology at University of Naples Federico II. Interior & graphics designer from 2009. Home is Napoli (Italy) the harmony of the contraries. Bicycle religious, wannabe biblioholic and passionate for all-scale design. I'm specialized in bicylce design, lightweight timber structures and parametric structural design.
EMME, bike parking, bike rack, bicycle parking, metro station, sculptural bike rack, M bike rack
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Sculptural bicycle parking for metro stations


Project period

January 2013




Bicycle parking

Urban furniture


Napoli design district
First Pritze


Brera design district
Fuorisalone Milano 2013

EMME won the first pritze in the Napoli Design District Award

EMME was realized in collaboration with Neapolitan metal master crafstmen of Rua Catalana corporation, artists more than artisans, they keep the experience and knowledge of a secular tradition innovating it through the collaboration with the most important Neapolitan designers.

EMME was born in a sustainbility placenta: functionally designed for supporting the inter-modal linking between urban cycling commuting and metropolitan railways, it join together the two more sustainable convenient and quick ways to get round in the city (of Naples).

EMME is social: while is a very functionally place to ensure the bicycle, is also symbolizes the re-discover of this ancient machine, which re-introduce a different perception of the city, of speed, of human relationships, and recall a society in which respecting each other effort and simplicity are essential virtues.

EMME allows to ensure up to 4 bicycles in its parallel, with a lot of points to ensure frame, wheels and seatpost. You can use it singularly or in a parallel sequence, combining the red-M finished elements with the rough iron finished ones, or in combination with existing only functionally elements to which add sculptural beauty, an icon, a traffic signal.
Photos: Daniele Lancia

Timber lightweight structures design

Parametric structural design

Students tutoring

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  • http://www.artwebradio.com/napoli-design-week/

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