TVZEB (almost) Zero Energy Building | Traverso-Vighy studio

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TVZEB is the building that Traverso-Vighy studio designed as their atelier.

 The goal of the project was to develop a low-impact building that blended seamlessly into the surrounding natural setting and exemplified the visual, renewable energy and user well-being resources of its context both in form and function.
[…] This reflects the project’s firm relationship to the concept of potential reversibility and respect for the land: the building can be disassembled at the end of its life cycle and its materials can be separated and recycled, restoring the site to the natural landscape.



The video is a great synthesis, but if want more informations you can refer to:

TVZEB blog (news and events)
The page on Traverso-Vighy website (great photos here)
Archdaily’s article on TVZEB (archdaily is always short and complete)

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